What games do developers play?

Do androids dream of electric sheep? The truth is I dona��t really know, but what I can confirm is that developers do play videogames. And how!


I could make up a thousand excuses like that we need time to check references, to see which mechanics work in other games and try to apply them in ours but the reality is that we dona��t need any excuse to justify the fact that we love playing, that wea��ve always done and that a huge workload and tons of code to debug wona��t make us stop doing it.


It seemed to me like a good idea to tell you in our blog what we do in the little free time thata��s left for us. So here we go!


Rocket League



Alternatively known as a�?there goes my social lifea�?. More than a game this has turned into a viral disease which has swept away half the studio. The other half just watches the matches and/or mercilessly insults us when we miss clear goals. This has been going on for months.


rocket league

These are ourA�Community Manager’s final results in 2nd season. Not bad.

Everyday we have lunch in five minutes so we can scratch some minutes and play some quick matches. And when we get home in the evening it is when it gets serious. The only negative point that I see in the game is the effect that it is having on our sleeping hours. There had to be something bad.




A new Blizzard IP is always good news for those of us who have grown playing with our PC and this time the amount of rumours around the game was scandalous. An FPS with MOBA elements? A Team Fortress a la Blizzard? Premium or F2P?



After having played the Beta we can honestly say that it lives up to the expectations. Overwatch is everything they say about it and more: frantic online action, great importance of team playing, never seen before mechanics for this genre, an spectacular character design and last, a very careful balance, which is Blizzard hallmark, as usual.


Shovel Knight



Possibly one of a�?indiesa�? from the last few years which more members of the team have played and been crazy about (Maybe Guacamelee also lives up to the expectations).


For me it was a sure bet. I love that evocative NES pixel art. I have screamed, suffered and enjoyed every Megaman which ever fell into my hands and Ducktales is one of my favourite games since I was a kid. If you coincide with me in any of these points and you havena��t played it yet youa��re wasting time, go buy it now.


Heroes of the Storm


For Wincars Racer we have opted for implementing some mechanics which are typical of MOBA games in a racing game (special skills and their recharging system), and it is common for us to mention League of Legends as an influence when we are asked about it.


But the truth is that we like HoTS best.



As an anecdote, Javi Moreno, one of the programmers who was part of their team for year, managed his addiction to put both his family life and his relationship in danger.


Ps: As I write these lines, Steam informs me that Javi has just logged and is playing Rocket League, so I wouldna��t bet for total rehab.





We felt a bit indifferent when we played its Beta but things changed when we could finally get our hands on the final version.


The campaigna��THAT campaign! Jairo got to the studio the next day after buying it, really excited about it, telling us how the game started in a really cool way, jumping into an elevator with a a�?kickass rock music, cool as fucka�? to open its doors and start slaying creatures like hell. Doom is back.


The binding of Isaac



I have a soft spot for roguelikes and a high ability for getting hooked on them in a short time. It happened with Rogue Legacy, then with Downwell and ita��s starting to happen with Nuclear Throne.


When I thought I had gone past my long phase with The Binding of Isaac, they go and launch a port for 3DS. The quick game format fits the portable (device) perfectly, and despite the port having a few things which affect the quality like a bit unstable framerate which causes frequent drops in moments with many enemies, it hasna��t stopped me from getting caught in its nets during my daily commuting.


Special mention: Mario Kart 8



Was there ever any doubt? Ita��s a terrific game and a total referent for our game.


The only thing I am sad about this game is that we have played it so much that we have exhausted its huge level of replay value.The solution? Play Mario Kart 7 for 3DS from time to time until we get Mario Kart 9.


What games have you got hooked on lately?


Leave a comment and tell us all about it!

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