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Take a look at the revamped menu screens!

Hey there and welcome back to the new Wincars Racer site!


Long time no news from us, so leta��s go straight to the point and show you what wea��ve been working on lately.


New UI design


After the first beta tests many of you told us that you didna��t like the look of the menus.


You were right and we knew it, they looked a little bit outdated and more in the vein of mobile games rather than a modern PC game.A�So thata��s it, wea��ve been working on it, revamped all the visual style of the menus and here is the result.

What do you think of the new look? So much better, huh?


The HUD, working on it!


For those A�who feel a little bit lost with gamedev terminology, the HUD (head-up display) is the in-game overlay that you see while you play a race.


And of course, wea��re going to revamp it as well to make it match with the new visual style.


Ita��s not finished yet and therea��s a detail waiting in the queue to be implemented that youa��re all going to love (did somebody say minimap? xD).


For the time being, we can show the special skills new icons.


The Special Skills are one of the most important Wincars Racer features; choose and use them intelligently and you will able to unbalance a race to your advantage. Thata��s the reason why we wanted to show them in the most attractive way possible, matching its importance in the game.


Wea��re very proud of this revamp work but, as always, wea��d like to hear your opinion on it. So come on, please leave us a comment below in this same post!


More news coming soon!


We also had time to work on many other aspects of the game in these last three months after being greenlit in Steam. So expect lots of news very soon!


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