New build

New Build 0.1.1

It’s been quite a while since last time we released a new build. If you happen to follow us on twitter you’ll surely know that we haven’tA�stopped working on Wincars Racer for a momentA�and that’s why this build is packed with lots of new stuff, fixes and changes.


Here’s the complete list!






-Nitropower-inhibition walls have been added in strategic spots within the circuits. These walls will work as shortcuts although passing trough these will result in all players specials skills’ charge turning back to zero.





-All cars handling have been tweaked. New and enhanced driving and faster speed recover after performing long drifts. Now it’s possible to perform various drifts in a row without suffering a massive loss of speed.


-The amount of time that a player isA�under the effect of receiving a Stomp has been decreased.


-Both the Turbo and Spint boosts have been tweaked based in your feedback getting now a much smoother and dynamic race feel.


Visual improvements


-Shadows casted by cars and drivers have been improved and look much better now.


-New art for the Matchmaking Division shields


division shields

-Several cars and skins’ textures improved. Slight design improvements have been also made in some cases.



Steampunk comparison

-Hanging Cliffs circuit has been completely remade from scratch. This means a new layout and a huge step regarding the visuals as you can see below.



hanging cliffs old to new

-New loading screens for each circuit have been added.



-New and better artwork design for Turbo and Stomp instant refill charges.



-New artwork for Nitropower bits.



CodingA�& Programming


-Game is now 100% integrated with Steam client.


-New menu navigation via gamepad have been implemented. This means… yay! Big Picture mode is available buds!


-NPC racers have been implemented. This means, that only when the maximum number of 8 online players is not reached, drivers controlled by the computer will be addedA�until reaching the limit. Also, this NPCs will have a similar level of skills than the players racing with them. This criteria will be based in the divisions as per the matchmaking.


-Rankings and Versus stats have been added and are available now for all SteamA�players.



Sound FX


-New last lap songs have been implemented in every circuit.


-FX effects for every character Power Special have been added.


-FX effect when receiving a Stomp have been added.


-A new song have been implemented in the the race results screen



-3D sounds added in Roches Rouges circuit (crowd cheering and helicopter FX) and Hanging Cliffs (falls FX and beachside road audio including oceanA�waves and seagulls)


-All game audio has been mixed again taking into account the new FX.




-Fixed a bug that could cause players to remain stuck into an infinite death loop, after being respawned because of driving in reserve for too much time.


-Fixed a bug that could cause that hovering animation would not update correctly when using a gamepad.


-Fixed a bug that could prevent the car modelsA�from being shown properly in the garage, once the player had checked Anima model.

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