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Top 10 Best Racing Games

If therea��s a common link between the ones who write this blog and you readers, ita��s without a doubt that we all love racing and driving games.A�For this reason we want to pay homage to them by making this list with the bestA�racing games ever (in our humble opinion)


In order to limit the list a bit, we havena��t included pioneers like Super Off Road, Pole Position, Micro Machines and above all, Out Run, and we have focused on more or less modern titles, or at least from the last twenty years up to now.


10 – Burnout


The first installment of this series focused on Fast and aggresive driving introduced some risky features such as rewarding players for driving in the opposite direction or trying to crash against other racers deliberately.


Accidents were even shown up to three times from different angles as you can see in its awesome release trailer:

9 – Diddy Kong Racing

best karting game

The fastest selling game in its day (more than 800,000 copies just in its first two weeks),A� it almost dethroned Mario Kart, and it would have, wasna��tA� it for Marioa��s superior multiplayer mode.


It stood out in its accurate control, superb animations, adventure mode, its racing intensity and that unforgettable feeling of performing a skiing stunt with your buggy while drifting.


8 – 1080A? Snowboarding Avalanche


A snowboarding game on this list? Yes indeed!


1080 Avalanche revolved more around competitive racing rather than doing tricks on your board. The key to success was mastering when to flex your knees while landing a trick, avoiding losing speed keeping an eye on the track.


Its remarkable soundtrack also deserves mentioning.


7- Mario Kart 64

The series that spawned a whole new racing genre and nearly reached perfection with Mario Kart 8.


However, we prefer to highlight the Nintendo 64 instalment: it was the first to step into real 3D which allowed implementing classic features like gradient changes and pits. In adittion, it introduced as a novelty a split-screen mode for up to 4 simultaneous players.A�Multiplayer gaming as it had never been seen before.


6 – F-Zero GX


F-Zero means Speed.


F-Zero, acclaimed by IGN as a�?Best racing game 2003a�?, was also based on the sagaa��s key feature and demanded players to make a true effort on memorizing and rapid reflexes while driving.


It displayed a great smoothness and definition reaching its top with 30 ships full throttle on screen. It also introduced a story mode starred by charismatic Captain Falcon.


5 – Wave Race Blue Storm


Races do no need to be limited to cars exclusively as proved by this game where watercrafts are the protagonists.


Wave Race Blue Storm had the famous Miyamoto himself as a producer, and made both players and critics praise its tremendous waters effects and physics.


Also new in this title was the turboA� which meant a great step forward for gameplay and the speed feel.


4 – Extreme-G XG2


In just a few words: it made Trona��s fans happy.


With a sheerly awesome mechanic like breaking the sound barrier, and enjoying a frankly good control, it managed to become a game with a great personality. Wouldna��t it be great if it was re-launched with a new title?


3 -A�Grid Race Driver


It combined pure competition with sim Racing and introduced us to the Flashback for the first time which allowed players to go back for a few seconds in the race and avoiding crashing.


It also stands out for its stability and grip feel, as well as a very complete and spectacular car destruction system.


2 – Formula 1 2012


Fourth in the list of the new Codemastera��s games about Formula 1, it allows you to experiment the feeling of driving the most powerful race machine in the world, as simple as that.


You will be able to feel the grip when you drive on a curve downshifting sharply while you control the exact pressure on the brake. It wona��t be easy if youa��re used to arcade racing games, but if you manage, you will feel like a true race car driver.


1 – Forza Motorsport 6


A true ode to the love for motor sports in every possible way.


You start with 200 different cars from more than 50 real life manufacturers. And thata��s not all, you can make the list grow through downloadable content.


It provides a perfect balance between collection and races, and it has one of the best editors to design decals for your cars. It also includes such a great IA that it will make you feel youa��re playing online even when playing local.


What game are we missing among the best in our list?


We know a list of this kind is always a very personal matter, and we are sometimes betrayed by memories. For this reason we invite you to leave a comment pointing us which games are you missing in this list according to your opinion.


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