5 steps to do skins for a racing game

How to make the best out of your game’s assets creating a great variety of skins. Through a five step scheme, you will know more about this mode to add a bigger diversity to a videogame.

Simultaneously, we will also show you how the cars and skins in Wincars Racer are made so you can have a look to your future favourites!!!...

14 Jul 2015
An update packed with new stuff!

It’s been a while since we hadn’t devoted a post to solely speak about the progress in the development of Wincars Racer, so today is the day and there’s lots of new stuff to show you.

We have already commented briefly some of these novelties in social media, as we were working on them, but in this post you are going to This get extra information, new pics, and never before shown stuff...

Retro Controller

About a month ago we discovered through an article on Kotaku that a fan has taken the plunge and decided to create his own decal for New Nintendo 3ds imitating the looks of the colourful Super Nintendo.

The result, plain to see, is beautiful and very professional and it didn’t take long to get orders from all around the world. Our surprise was huge when we found out that the author is Spanish, and that he even lived in our same city!

With a mix of admiration, respect and curiosity, we decided we didn’t want to miss the chance to talk with him and that he told us more about his creation...

1 Jun 2015
Wincars Racer's 4 different Car Series

Wincars Racer introduces four car series: Formula Auto, Off Road, Gran Turismo and Sport Class. All of them with completely different behaviors allowing you to take advantage of your best driving skills in every circuit...

I would like to share with you some of the details about them, so... what about a small road trip to the heart of Wincars Racer?

20 May 2015
Top 10 racing games

If there’s a common link between the ones who write this blog and you readers, it’s without a doubt that we all love racing and driving videogames.

For this reason we want to pay homage to them by making this list with our ten favourite racing games ever...